How is Fleximeat made?

Our raw ingredients are vegetable meals (legumes, cereals, seeds, fruits, vegetables, etc.) that obtain their texture through extrusion, a continuous and mechanical cooking process which gives the product its characteristic texture.

The result of this ambitious legume innovation project is Legumeat®, a food product with a meat-like texture, very pleasing on the palate and with an average protein content of around 50%.

The product is sold dried and in a number of different formats and can be used in cooking after gently boiling it in a way that gives it the desired flavour.

To produce the Flexi range of ready-made meals, we combine extruded vegetables with the corresponding percentage of meat in each recipe, making the products in a traditional way.

The Flexi products come frozen so as to conserve all the nutrients as well as increase their shelf life.

Upholding the benefits of vegetable protein without compromising on the flavour of meat!