At Fleximeat we support a Flexitarian diet. Why? Because it helps us to look after ourselves and the environment at the same time.

We are all very conscious of current global issues and know that every little action makes a difference: eating more plants such as fruits, vegetables and legumes can help to mitigate our impact on the world, be more respectful to the environment and improve our health.

But we are also conscious that many of us want to reduce our meat consumption without giving it up entirely… that’s why Fleximeat is releasing a new range of products containing both vegetable and animal protein, so we can consume meat in a more sustainable and responsible manner.


To increase the options available for cooking easy, healthy and financially and environmentally friendly meals and promote the flexitarian diet: for our wellbeing and that of our planet.


To become a benchmark company in terms of healthy and environmentally sustainable food, combining vegetable protein and animal protein to help reduce our impact on the planet and add to a more balanced diet.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Fleximeat is the flexitarian range by Sanygran.

We voluntarily work to improve our corporate social responsibility and the satisfaction of all our stakeholders, as part of the framework for the InnovaRSE management system created by the Government of Navarra.